Chancellor’s Message

At knowledge and technology era, every society try to achieve prosperity and welfare. Universities are the main academic place to train and educate people and it has a great role in expansion and ensure of prosperity.

Tabesh University is one of the private university which started its bachelor activities in the year 2009 in four (Economics, Law & political Science, Islamic Sharia law and Journalism) faculties. As compare the access to facilities, Tabesh crossed qualitative and quantitative paths of expansion and growth in some way that has a good reputation among academic society of Afghanistan.

Tabesh university with its eligible education condition tries to accomplish objectives and raise quality of education and researches to achieve national reputation. This university is obligated to create excellence in education and update educational system among family of Universities, we are honestly trying to standardize educational system and increase quality of higher education. TU is one of the places which train and makes future leaders, as its slogan “Expertise and knowledge”.

I suggest applicants to visit our campus to know how Tabesh University brings Expertise and knowledge in their life.

Sincerely Chancellor, Tabesh University