Admission Process


Tabesh University is one of committed university for higher education beside other universities of the country.  TU is a place to provide educational services with high quality by ware professors and lecturers. You can explore our academic programs in this website to choose education and quality to make your decision.

Students can apply to our undergraduate programs which were established by Ministry of Higher Education as per requirements of educational system of country.

The admission requirement in TU is admission test (Kankor), before applying to specific faculty; please review each faculty’s information precisely.

Admission to Tabesh university is competitive, strict, discipline and excellence based.

This tab mainly includes admission issues, such us; How to apply?  Requirement documents to Apply, reception contact and FAQ.


Application Form:

Application form can be easily downloaded from TU website or can be accessible from our Main compose. Enrollment form is free for all applicants and they have to fill all question. This data will help Students Department to inform applicants about Admission Exam.

Application form includes:

  • Personal Information;
  • Educational Background
  • Selected faculty and session time (Morning & Evening) to study in TU.

After Application submission:

  • Students Department inspector will see all forms to assure required information is filled;
  • Students Department will call applicants for registration process and Admission exam.
  • If you have any question about any queries you should request support from Students Department Office at TU.