Economics Faculty

Economics Faculty

As per the needs of society for experts and professional personnel, TU established Economics faculty in 2010, i.e. 1389 to train students in the following three departments.

  • National Economics.
  • Management and Business Administration.
  • Statistic and Econometrics.

Programme Description

  1.  National Economics Department:

National Economy department is educating academic experts, to find solutions to national economic problems and bring an end point to economic challenges. Graduated students of this department will become able to take responsibility in National Economy affairs of their country.


  • To train and educate professional experts to improve future economy of the country.
  • To reduce economic crises in both private and governmental sectors.
  • To provide Consultancy services to organizations for their better improvement.
  • Designing better policies to create effective economic system for a bright economic future.

2. Management and Business Administration department:

Establishment of this department under Economic Faculty is very important and effective. It can be very useful to eradicate poverty, grow national products, Exports growth, and specific mechanism for imports of necessary goods and finally develop economy level of the country.


  • Enrichment of private sector.
  • Well leadership and management of economic sectors through, update knowledge of fresh graduated students which can be effective in economic development.
  • Reduce bankruptcy of private companies.
  • National income improvement, through supporting of private sectors and increase of export rate.
  • To decrease imports amount and prevent transfer of currency to abroad by raising national investments.

3. Statistics and Econometrics Department:

Experience proved that in the society which humans live without specific information and data they won’t be able to get precise decisions. Therefore level of power in getting decision is related, to have enough statistical and update information. In fact, when we have enough sources of information and statistics we can ensure national interest. Every society which has precise information and statistics about related economic issues they can make good plans and their decision making power is too high. Role and power of statistic knowledge is like a light to the society and it brings strength to judgment and decision making power.


  • Main objective of this subject is to recognize the importance of Statistics in economy and role of data at daily life of humans.
  • To learn indexes and its usage in economy, business and services.
  • To analyze data and summarize them as a result.
  • General information about statistics, real usage and importance of this subject in government and private sectors.

Program content: The Bachelor of Economics applies a credit based system. Successful graduates must complete 152 credit hours over four years of full time study either in the mornings or evenings.

Program Entry Date March and September
Program Requisite High school graduates
Duration Four Years ( 8semesters)
Duration of each semester 16 weeks
Medium of instruction Dari


Lecturers: 25 professional and knowledgeable professors with Doctorate and Master’s degree provide academic services and teach students.

Timings and Attendance: Attending classes is compulsory for all undergraduate students. Classes are held between the hours of 05:30 – 08:00 AM first session, 9:00 – 11:30 AM Second Session, 01:30 – 04:00 PM Third session and 05:00 – 07:30 PM Fourth session on all weekdays.

Few years ago, Afghanistan was in tough situation. During war, many people immigrated to other countries and there was not educational facilities at all. After collapse of war and establishment of new government, Economy is growing, society is moving toward a bright future, and people become optimist to their future. Most of Government and private organizations started their activities and found need to experts and educated cadres.