Journalism Faculty

Journalism Faculty

Journalistic organizations by observing systematic report of a government actions to find the rifts through objections and makes them able to lead a society toward prosperity and bright future. Therefor journalists and reporters can guide governments to follow their goals and don’t let people to face problems and challenges.

For that reason, Tabesh established Journalism faculty in 2010 i.e.1389 with the following two departments.

  • Radio Television.
  • Media Department.

Programme Description

    1. Radio Television Department:

    Radio Television department of Journalism faculty is the place to train professional cadres in press and printing media of the country.


    • To educate reporters, newscasters, press interviewers and analytical writers.
    • Train and educate professional journalist for magazines, news photographers for printing and video media in different organizations.
    • To train editors and spokesmen for Public thoughts in governmental and private organizations.
    • To train professional journalists equipped with media ethics and laws of media.
    1. Media department:

    As Afghanistan enters a challenging period, demands for highly skilled journalists will inevitably remain high over the coming decade.

    The main objective of this department is to train students in the following fields:

    • Radio reporter.
    • TV reporter.
    • Interviewers of different programs in Radio or TV.
    • Director and Producer of programs in Radio and TV.
    • Political programs and debate organizers for round tables.
    • Obtaining necessary skills to organize, produce video and sound programs. 

    Program content: The Bachelor of Journalism applies a credit based system. Successful graduates must complete 152 credit hours over four years of full time study either in the mornings or evenings.

    Program Entry Date March and September
    Program Requisite High school graduates
    Duration Four Years ( 8semesters)
    Duration of each semester 16 weeks
    Medium of instruction Dari 

     26 professional and knowledgeable professors with Doctorate and Master’s degree provide academic services and teach students.

    Timings and Attendance: Attending classes is compulsory for all undergraduate students. Classes are held between the hours of 05:30 – 08:00 AM first session, 9:00 – 11:30 AM Second Session, 01:30 – 04:00 PM Third session and 05:00 – 07:30 PM Fourth session on all weekdays.

Journalism and journalistic organizations are the actors of democracy and freedom of expression. It has mainly determined a path for growth of Economy, Politics, Education and culture of societies. At all, it can direct and guide affairs of human life.

A very famous quote about journalism which is famous in all around the world is: “Media is the fourth base of each government”. If we have a deep overview on this quote, it is more than we imagine. Even it affects more than we expect and plays a positive role to ensure communications.