Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (BIEC)

This center was established in year 2014. The purpose behind establishing this center was to bring out the creative potential and enhance the capacity of the students linked with it. It ensures the program to be designed in such a manner which increases the analytic approach of students towards their subject of interest and equips them with all tools to further analysis of the situation and draw out the best possible solution to the problem.

The program aims to give the students some theoretical inputs and substantial hands-on experience in knowledge making. BIEC short term training and course reflects a trans-disciplinary approach and will promote fresh viewpoints, making the learning and teaching process joyful and productive.

Teaching may adopt several platforms including classroom, virtual and project based learning. Interactive methods of instruction will be encouraged.

Hands on learning, integrating school internships and innovation projects will be given vital importance. Mentors shall play key role in-group project work. They will be carefully selected for their expertise in the relevant areas.

BIEC team members

  1. Ahmad Zia Saydkhaili
  2. Abdul Qahar Shieryar (Switzerland)
  3. Abdul Shakoor Qani
  4. Sikandar Khan (India)
  5. Mohammad Aman Akrami (Head of project dept.)


  • To create an ecosystem that connects and facilitates various stakeholders on all aspects of the innovation process including training and support.
  • To promote innovations, channel various incentives that benefit the cluster and act as an incubating body managing the growth of innovation in the ecosystem.
  • To learn to apply research methodology to real life situations and help in problem solving.
  • To enhance their understanding of important political, social, economic and development issues.
  • To use technology as significant aid in practical learning.
  • To create, enhance and develop constituent’s capacity at country level.

Broad Objective of (BIEC)

  • Support application oriented research to solve real world problems.
  • Focus on developing affordable innovations that can benefit a large number of people and at the same time commercially viable and sustainable.
  • Conduct surveys which are linked to socio-economic sphere.
  • Enhance the capacity of participating students.
  • Build an environment which learning is more practical and empirical.
  • Promotes the development of more strategic, systematic, and measurable approaches to capacity building at all levels.
  • Provides illustrative approaches to monitor and communicate results on capacity building efforts.
  • To bring out the creative potential of students in such a way which enhance their confidence and help them to turn their ideas into reality.

Specific Objective of (BIEC)

  • Select innovative ideas with potential by conducting training/orientation programs/modules on innovation and researches.
  • Develop ideas into innovative applications.
  • Facilitate collaborations and partnerships (industry, academia, Institutions).
  • Develop meaningful linkage with various segments of society.
  • Identifying needs and building on existing capabilities.
  • Ways to Improve the Effectiveness of CapacityBuilding.
  • Being clear about the objectives.
  • Using a wide range of capacity building approaches.
  • Target the right people to build a critical mass.
  • Making the training-of-trainers approach work.
  • To encourage collaborative learning through group activities and hands-on learning.