Business Innovation &Entrepreneurship Center (BIEC):


This center was established in year 2014. The purpose behind establishing this center was to bring out the creative potential and enhance the capacity of the students linked with it. It ensures the program to be designed in such a manner which increases the analytic approach of students towards their subject of interest and equips them with all tools to further analysis of the situation and draw out the best possible solution to the problem.

The program aims to give the students some theoretical inputs and substantial hands-on experience in knowledge making. BIEC short term training and course reflects a trans-disciplinary approach and will promote fresh viewpoints, making the learning and teaching process joyful and productive.

Teaching may adopt several platforms including classroom, virtual and project based learning. Interactive methods of instruction will be encouraged.

Hands on learning, integrating school internships and innovation projects will be given vital importance. Mentors shall play key role in-group project work. They will be carefully selected for their expertise in the relevant areas.

BIEC team members:-

  1. Ahmad Zia Saydkhaili
  2. Abdul Qahar Shieryar (Switzerland)
  3. Abdul Shakoor Qani
  4. Sikandar Khan (India)

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