Convocation Ceremony was held in Tabesh Institute of Higher Education


Law & Political science faculty’s Sixth Convocation Ceremony was held in Tabesh Institute of Higher Education

Graduates celebrated their convocation ceremony with joy and jubilation on Thursday, September 22th, 2016.

The ceremony began with Holy Quran recitation and national anthem of country.

First, chancellor of the university, Prof. Mohammad Muhsin Farid, inaugurated the event with expressing congratulations and wishing further success to graduates and he welcomed participants, families and guests. Coupled with, he mentioned in the four faculties of Economics, Law and political science, Islamic sharia Law and Journalism, respected lecturers guided students and leaded them to complete their bachelor degree in which 1487 students (boys and girls) have been graduated since recent years. He added, today we are witness of the sixth convocation ceremony of our dear graduates. At the end of his speeches, Mr. Chancellor pointed the enormous dignity of knowledge and science which leads a society toward prosperity and persuaded the graduates for acquiring knowledge at the highest levels of Master’s and PhD degrees. Following this, he added that it is our job and obligation to be at the serve of our young generation to get their hand and rise them up.

Similarly, the representative of Ministry of Higher Education Mr.  Ghulam Dawood Shayeq congratulated the graduates. Mr. Shayeq counted Tabesh’s recent achievements a positive movement toward training young cadres and professions to the academic society of country. The other orators of this event, each, Dean of Journalism faculty Prof. Doctor Meer Akram Meerzad and vice president of board of directors, one of the founders, Associate Prof. Ahmadullah Esmat congratulated graduates which invited them to unity and brotherhood to serve this country and continue their higher education to highest levels of post graduate and doctorate. Simultaneously, one of the graduates in representative of all of them thanked from their professors and lecturers for hardworking and Tabesh leadership for providing a sound academic environment. In addition, one of the graduates Mr. Ahmad Jawed Fayez read their commitment letter to serve the country in order to bring peace, democracy, freedom and rehabilitation to our beloved country, Afghanistan.

At the end of the ceremony, Prof. Abdul Qadir Hashemi prayed for prosperity, goodwill and fortune of Afghanistan’s people for having stability and peace which after prayers, he officially ended the event.

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