Top Students of Journalism Faculty


Top Students of Faculty of Journalism
No Name F/Name ID No Time Semester Grade
1 Sosan Abdul Rouf 4366 First Third first
2 Mohammad Asif Abdul Hamid 3989 First Third Second
3 Shamsuddin Abdul Shokor 4230 First Third Third
4 Shokria Ghulam Siddiq 4448 Second Third first
5 Basira Ziaullah 4638 Second Third Second
6 Samin Khair Mohammod 3960 Second Third Third
7 Mohammad Hasib Fazal Qader 4215 Fourth Third first
8 Zabihullah Aqa Mohammad 4170 Fourth Third Second
9 Abdul Ghour Abdul Sobor 4126 Fourth Third Third
10 Freshta Mohammad Younes 3850 Second Fifth first
11 Paimana Abdul Wase 3727 Second Fifth Second
12 Sania Mohammad yahya 3042 Second Fifth Third
13 Abdul Khabir Abdul Latif 2885 Third Seventh first
14 Khoban Abdullah 2763 Third Seventh Second
15 Mohammad Qais Mohammad Siddiq 2498 Third Seventh Third

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