List of Permanent Professors


No Name F/Name Faculty Degree Contract Type
1 Abdul Qahar Shieryar Abdul Shokoor Economic Master Permanent
2 Mir Towfiq Ansari Mir Khalilullah Economic Master Permanent
3 Jamshid Nikzad Niko Khan Economic Master Permanent
4 Mohammad Mohsen Farid Mohammad Husain Law and Political Science Master Permanent
5 Mirza Rafat Khan Ali Law and Political Science Master Permanent
6 Khalilullah Mosadeq Zekrullah Law and Political Science Bachelor Permanent
7 Mohammad Sediq Sabah Ghulam Ali Journalism Master Permanent
8 Ghulam Rabani Adeeb Zolf Ali Journalism Master Permanent
9 Nasrin Roshna Abdul Jamil Journalism Master Permanent
10 Nooria Rahmani Abdul Wahab Journalism Master Permanent
11 Obaidullah Adel Ezharulhaq Sharia Master Permanent
12 Abdul Naser Abdul Razaq Sharia Master Permanent
13 Faridurahman  Hamidy Ramazany Sharia Bachelor Permanent
14 Shabir Ahmad Ebrahimi Abdul Fatah Sharia Bachelor Permanent

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