Top Students of Sharia Faculty


Top Students of Sharia Faculty 
No Name F/Name ID No Time Semester Grade
1 Muhibullah Mohammad Gul 3911 First Third first
2 Fatima Abdul Hamid 4257 First Third Second
3 Rahmuddin Kamaluddin 3925 First Third Third
4 Sadia Abdul Qadir 4251 Second Third first
5 Binafsha Islamuddin 4118 Second Third Second
6 Mursal Mohammad Nasim 4180 Second Third Third
7 Yasamin Mir Salamuddin 3723 Third Fifth first
8 Hajar Abdul Rahim 3519 Third Fifth Second
9 Ahmad Shukran Hayatullah 3510 Third Fifth Third
10 Tamana Sultan 2964 Third Seventh first
11 Siad Abdullah Abdul Rahim 3877 Third Seventh Second
12 Mirwais Inayatullah 2922 Third Seventh Third

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