The fifth convocation ceremony of Tabesh University


The fifth convocation ceremony of Tabesh University

Graduates celebrated glorious fifth convocation ceremony of Tabesh University at 13th July of 2016 with the participation of high ranking officials, her Excellency Minister of Higher Education, honorable scholars, respected lecturers, founders of Tabesh, Chancellor of Tabesh, respected families and dear guests.

The ceremony officially began with recitation of Holy Qur’an verses and strike up of country’s national anthem.

At this glorious ceremony, 700 youth from boys and girls have been graduated from four faculties of Economics, Law and Political science, Islamic Sharia Law and Journalism. Her Excellency Prof: Mrs. Farida Momand quoted her precious speeches and valued recent activities of private universities for betterment of higher education in country. She added to her speeches regarding the value of knowledge and its role in prosperity of a society which will lead Afghanistan to its dignity and fame likewise its history. Furthermore, honorable minister told that private institutions and universities are playing a vital role along with governmental universities and has good prestige in their quality and level of higher education which strengthen the hope of ministry of higher education. Thus her Excellency promised that, Ministry of Higher Education will begin the distribution of Diplomas to the private universities with the same privileges as the governmental universities have. Similarly, honorable Minister added that officials of Ministry of Higher Education will not hesitate but they will try to sign MoUs with national and international universities, participation in conferences, coordinating academic seminars and other academic activities in order to pave the way for student’s further development.

At this ceremony, Respectable character and science favor Mr.Ahmad Zia Saidkhaili the Chairman of Board of Directors presented his valuable speeches from academic achievements of Tabesh University. As well as, he has promised to create job opportunities to the graduates through Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center of Tabesh in order to help them acquire their future dreams.

Furthermore, Prof. Muhammad Muhsin Farid gave his speech and congratulated the graduation of these youth to their families. He spoke about the dignity of knowledge and science in a society, especially the place and identity of Tabesh among other institutions which faced with a warm welcome from graduates and their families. In the same way, he addressed graduates to pursue further higher education to the degree of undergraduate and post graduate that all of them are obligated that do not have contentment only on a Bachelor degree but try to reach higher degrees. At the end, he emphasize that all of graduates have to work for their country and people with a warm heart and clean hands.

In the same way of other speakers at this enormous ceremony, Respectable Professor Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Yadgari invited all graduates to brotherhood, creating a sound academic environment, acquiring knowledge and education in order to rehabilitate and rebuild the country to make our people happy. His speech was warmly welcomed by audience, specially the graduates.

The other speaker of this event was Law maker Mr. Mohammad Ashraf Rasooli. He expressed his best regards and congratulations to graduates. Moreover, he praised activities and academic achievements of Tabesh University. Coupled with, he emphasized on importance and role of knowledge at improvement of developed countries that all of them reached at this level through knowledge and education.

Furthermore, Major General Mr. Aziz-ul-Rahman presented his speeches as the representative of graduates’ families and congratulated all of them with best wishes.  He lauded his gratitude form Tabesh Leadership and tireless activities for youth of country and lead them to prosperity of society.

In addition, as a representative of graduates Miss.  Marhaba Hashemi had speech regarding the value of knowledge and wisdom from Islam and Prophet Mohammad PBUH verses and Hadith. Also, she thanked the lecturers for their tireless efforts, the leadership of Tabesh for their academic activities and honest services to the youth in order to pursue higher educations.


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