Launch Event of Diploma program in Economics and Migration Studies (EMS) Date: 25 September 2019

ما را در فیس بوک دنبال کنید

On 25th of September 2019, within the framework of Erasmus+ program of EU, PROMIG, the Migration Competence Center of Tabesh University organized launch event of first diploma program in Economics and Migration Studies.

This diploma program is designed for one year in two semesters which covers main principles of Economics and Migration studies. Total credit of this program is 24 equivalents to 100 ECTS with 6 core subjects and 1 compulsory project at the end of program.

The launch event of EMS program was officially started with the welcome speech of Tabesh University’s chancellor Prof. Mohammad Muhsin Farid. He expressed his sincere appreciation to the European Union for funding this project, national and international organizations who supported and provided feedback during the design of EMS course, professors who were involved in this project and the project team for good management and implementation. He also addressed the importance of Migration Studies and the role of MCC to become a hub of migration management studies in Afghanistan.

EMS opening ceremony was valued by the participation of key stakeholders from international organizations namely Mr. Rafi Kharka from DACAR, Mr. Sayed Tamim Sadat from GIZ, representatives of Southbank University, International Chamber of Commerce and Afghanistan’s Chamber of Commerce) and national organizations (Mr. Rahmatullah Hakimi from Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation, representative of Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Mr. Mehrabudin Sediqi from Ministry of Higher Education, Mr. Matiullah Kamran from Migration Watch Afghanistan and Ms. Freshta Aslamzada from Zan TV) faculty members, university professors, prominent students, alumni and other interested professionals.

Following to this, representatives of national and international organizations delivered their speeches and announced their cooperation through providing support in research and studies on the topic of migration, sharing reports and materials, internship opportunities for graduates and job opportunities for their career development. They have also highlighted the importance of economics and migration studies in the current context of Afghanistan in which Tabesh is taking the lead to offer such program and institutionalize research and further studies in migration management through its MCC.

Addition to this, Mr. Ahmad Zia Saydkhaili member of Board of Directors of Tabesh University and also Head of this program in Afghanistan delivered his valuable speech through video message to support EMS for training of future leaders of Afghanistan in the specific field of economics and migration studies which is a significant issue to be focused on. He also expressed his immense gratitude from donor of project (EU), all consortium members for their tireless supports, Dr. Nino for her great coordination and making this project successful, international and national organizations in Afghanistan working in the field of migration, university professors and project’s team wishing them further success on the way ahead.

Moreover, Dr. Nino Parsadanishvili, the Head of Migration Competence Center of Tbilisi State University as the coordinating Institution welcomed all of the participants through video message and delivered esteemed speech, pointing out on how PROMIG is positively affecting the academic community of Afghanistan by establishing Migration Competence Center in Tabesh University and also cross regional winter schools which 5 bright students of Tabesh University already participated in one of it. She further elaborated that migration management demands for effective cooperation practice between academia, relevant governmental bodies and organizations operating in the field. Specially thanking the European Union for funding this project, due to the wide geographical coverage, serving as a bridge for so many nations to build capacities, to exchange best practices and all in all for making the positive changes in the world and also throughout the intellectual potential of Afghanistan, this country can be shown at its best side. Lastly, this diploma program enables the participants to become the next professional generation to lead key national and international organizations operating in this field. She ended her brilliant speech with thanking the project team of Tabesh University for their diligent and hard work in making this project success and also congratulated everyone for the opening of diploma program.

Another speaker, Mr. Mohammad Aman Akrami, coordinator of project from Tabesh University gave detailed information about the activities and achievements of project since its kickoff. He addressed the participants and all interested professionals that the doors of MCC is always open for any academic research and studies in migration management. Furthermore, students and all interested professionals have the opportunity to take part in this diploma program and open the doors of opportunities in migration management studies. Lastly, he answered the questions of the participants related to the project and explained the next steps and chances that students can take benefit in order to enrich their academic careers.

Before closing of the event and officially inauguration of program, Mr. Ahmad Sahil Rasa, executive manager of project shed light about the Diploma program of Economics and Migration Studies. He further explained that top leading universities of the world offer courses in migration management studies but EMS is very new in the context of Afghanistan and Tabesh University is the leading institution to offer this diploma program for the first time in the country. Furthermore, he gave information about the vision and mission of EMS, duration of courses, number of subjects and credits, admission requirement and regulations of diploma program.

At the end of the event, the chancellor of Tabesh University, Prof. Mohammad Muhsin Farid along with all of the participants, officially inaugurated EMS program by cutting the ribbon and once again announced the support of university’s leadership to facilitate opportunities to the students and also make the project as a success story.