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Tabesh University was established in  2009 in Afghanistan and officially registered with the Ministry on December 19. It operates in Kabul city, offering a wide range of programs, including law, political science, economics, theology, and journalism.

Tabish University was registered with the Ministry of Higher Education in 2009 as the 19th Number higher education institution with four faculties. In 2012 it opened its first branch in Maidan Wardag province, and with the efforts of the leadership and academic staff, in 2016 after the evaluation of the Ministry of Higher Education, it was successfully upgraded to the status of a university .

Currently, Tabish University has graduated hundreds of male and female students in the faculties of Law and Political Science, Economics, Sharia, and Journalism, and has gained the approval of the citizens and has been recognized as a standard university in the country. Tabish University has provided qualified teachers, good teaching environment, well-equipped library, computer room and other facilities for the good training of students. Also, all the programs are managed by an organized and experienced organization.


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Tabesh University is committed to achieving excellence in education, research, and nurturing future leaders across diverse fields who have a global impact.

  • Office of international Affairs – Our university’s Office of International Affairs: your gateway to global opportunities, partnerships, cultural exchanges, and enriching experiences for all.

  • International Affairs – At our university, we open doors to a global perspective, fostering cross-cultural understanding, enriching academics, and nurturing global leaders.

  • Quality Assurance – At our university, we ensure excellence, accountability, and continuous improvement in education, research, and administration.

  • International Partners – t our university, International Partnerships create a global network, enriching academics, promoting diversity, and fostering cultural exchange.


TABESH University intends to increase the level of professional and specialized knowledge of the country’s young generation through teaching and research, in order to provide a basis for scientific growth and development according to national and international standards tabesh.

Taking the conditions and needs of the society into consideration, TABESH University is constantly working in the field of education and training of the country’s young generation by providing scientific and specialized services and training them in specific fields and provide them to the society.

lies in fostering a community dedicated to excellence, integrity, diversity, innovation, and a shared commitment to positive global impact.

  • Providing a national and international educational system for the youth of the country and the region, taking Islamic culture and national values into consideration.
  • Training of academic, professional and specialized cadres.
  • To raise the level of higher education through open competition with other universities.
  • Scientific, professional and specialized self-sufficiency of the country and region.
  • Specialized development of the country and region.
  • Having relations with foreign universities in order to raise the academic level of our students and teachers.
  • All kinds of convenient conferences are held for the purpose of raising the level of students.





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